My personal opinion of the new JBL EON ONE Compact vs the Bose S1 Pro

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I have owned and performed with the Bose S1 Pro since it first came out. Recently JBL introduced its own competitive entry in the portable PA market with the EON ONE Compact. I have purchased and performed with that unit as well and this is simply my own personal take.

First off, you must have the latest 5.0 Bluetooth technology in order to access the Bluetooth features on the JBL....otherwise you will get constant disconnects every 30 seconds or so. I tried 2 android tablets and my year old phone and nothing worked until I went out and bought a brand new phone with BT 5.0 - then it stayed connected and worked fine. So be prepared to upgrade to BT 5.0 if you don't have it yet.

Now the fx section.. I am confused by this feature as you are led to believe that you can have just chorus on guitar, maybe some verb or delay on the vocals as all 3 channels have separate send controls for each effect. - No - You get any effect you add on all 3 channels along with the same level setting. In other words, add chorus on your guitar channel and your getting it on vocal as well whether you want it or not. This is terribly useless.

Despite having 2 separate eq sections, the JBL unfortunately sounds like a typical plastic speaker/horn cabinet. The sound is a tad on the harsher side and a bit non dimensional despite spending considerable time tweaking it. I used a Taylor GS mini with ES GO pickup, a Yamaha AC5r with the SRT mic blend system, and a Yamaha Parlor with a simple piezo (no pre). While getting a fairly decent guitar, sound the vocals seemed to suffer more than the guitars. I find the bass respose on the Bose to be equally as impressive as the JBL.

Overall I find the JBL to be confusing and over engineered for a simple guitar/vocal gig, The little green circle lights give absolutely no indication of levels or what's what. I took both the Bose and the JBL to a gig last night performing one set with each. The audience concensus was that the JBL, although louder, sounded "dull" and "muffled" compared to the Bose which I also felt from a performance standpoint.

Finally I will say that although the JBL seems exciting and fancy - bottom line is that it's Bose all the way when it comes to performance and sound. I don't think there is another unit out in its class right now that can best it and I am up and running in only a few minutes. Also my Bose has performed in 90 degree direct sun, outside on cold damp rainy days and has even survived a face plant from stand to hardwood floor - and still sounds as amazing as ever. So yeah - As cool as this JBL may seem it's going to a new home. Bose is a clear win for me