My remote battery cover is jammed

I have a portable sound dock with a remote. The cover on the back where the battery goes is jammed. I’ve tried everything to get it off, with a coin as directed. It won’t budge and the plastic around that battery cover is now larger because the plastic of the “cap” is shaving off because of the many times I’ve tried to remove it to put in a new battery. A great system with amazing sound. Help!

Hmnnn.  If I remember correctly, the battery cover on the remotes for the SoundDocks are a little round piece of plastic with a coin slot in the middle. They need to be twisted counter-clock-wise to open and only need a small turn (like from the 12 o’clock to the 10 o’clock position. If they have not been opened for a while they can get a little stuck. So, what about 1) very gently banging the remote on a firm surface before opening.  Gently of course as to not damage anything. Sometimes time and humidity can slightly corrode surfaces together that a gentle bang would loose.  2) You could take a Qtip and slightly soak the outer edges of the battery cover with some rubbing alcohol. Alcohol will typically be safe to use around electronic parts as it evaporates quickly.  Once opened, it may not hurt to clean all the contacts with rubbing alcohol anyway.   Best of luck to you!