My soundsports true wireless are not connecting

I am not able to connect my earbuds. They worked perfectly fine 10 days ago. There was a software update on my phone few days back and  now they won’t connect. The left ear bud only flashes white and the right one doesn’t flash at all. My device is missing from Bose Connect also. I deleted the headphones from my devices Bluetooth list thinking I can just reconnect but nothing is working. They and the charging case are fully charged. 

I tried the options from community by updating my earbuds and now they are updated to ver 2.8 but still they are not working.

I am using my samsung note 8 



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Hey abhishek47,


Thank you for taking the time to post and welcome to the Bose Community. I'm sorry to hear you're having some difficulty connecting your SoundSport headphones, but I'd be happy to help.


Have you had the chance to try a product reset on your headphones, and also updating the product firmware to ensure it's up-to-date? Also, have you tried connecting the earbuds to a different phone to see if you still run into issues with the connection? Let me know if you notice any improvement in connection!


 As I already mentioned that my firmware is updated to ver 2.8 and the I am still unable to connect my earphones even after reset.

All this stared with a bose update where I was updating my earphones via my phone.

I doubt something bad happened during that update and after that i updated my  firmware using my laptop. though the firmware was updated successfully but the earphone are not discoverable and there is no light on my right ear bud.


Please suggest what can be done.