My trio performing for about 300 people in a tough room

Dave Lacroix Trio Performance for about 300 ppl
200x200 room with concrete walls, asphalt tile floor, 1 glass wall, and suspended ceiling and a lot of crowd noise. Any suggestions for improving sound?

Hi Dave,

I watched all the videos. I had gotten used to hearing you as an electric guitarist. I remember a video with a camera on the headstock of your guitar.

That’s a BIG room. I’ve done well in similar spaces outdoors for an attentive audience for a concert. I did that last weekend. The space was easily the size of a football field and we were at the 50 yard line. But I wouldn’t expect to fare as well in a space with high ambient noise like I can hear in your recordings.

In a situation like this I would play to the people in front of me knowing that I could probably be heard as background (noise) throughout the space. I might even turn down a little to avoid contributing adversely to the noise floor.

I would also remove all reverb and delay effects unless I was going for a signature sound in a particular song. But even then I would turn it down.

Nice to hear from you Dave.


I did bring the reverb down to 10%, and I had a digital delay on my vocal at around 10% as well. Your point is well taken. I usually run them around 20% for “my sound” I think its a vocal crutch for me…, but I am working on that. This was a charity event, and there was a (not so silent) raffle going on, as well as a buffet style dinner for a whole lot of folks. (I guess a lot of people still talk with their mouths full) ha ha ha. And yes, I started doing a bit more with the acoustic guitar, to mix things up a little, and focus a bit on rhythm guitar playing, and learning more chords, and fingerstyle stuff. I found that I was always providing accents and solos in the band setting while others were doing the singing, and thought that I should be able to “carry the song” both with the vocals and guitar… and the acoustic lends itself to that goal, and keeps me focused on the changes, and give me more control on the direction of the song.

If we aren’t changing and adapting, then we are moving backwards.

Hey Dave,
Looks like an HD 500 at your feet. Did run your acoustic thru it? If so what settings do u find work well. I run an had 500 thru my classic but never tried w acoustic guitar. Fun video. Thanks for posting.

Line 6 Custom Tone

Try this on for size… I use the Pod HD500x with my acoustic so that I have access to the looper. When I am doing instrumental stuff at some shows… like when people are dining… light background music.