Nas for soundtouch

Which NAS I can use for My SOUNDTOUCH speakers, I am in India




I am using WD My Cloud EX2 ultra (My Cloud OS3) with Soundtouch devices without problem - except you don't get gap less playback.

However as noted by others the later firmware - My Cloud OS 5 has problems as the DNLA support was changed.

You may also want to know that I use an APC Back ES 550 UPS connected to the USB port of the NAS so it can automatically monitor power drops and shutdown itself gracefully.


I hope you may receive some comment regarding other NAS providers.

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When it comes to NAS drives, we tend to recommend WD MyCloud and Synology NAS drives for the SoundTouch systems. However, SoundTouch systems are not fully DLNA compliant and may not have full functionality with all NAS drives—including some variants of recommended drives, such as MyCloud Home.


If any other members of the Community can join and let us know which NAS drives you are using, I'm sure and other users would greatly appreciate the suggestions!