NC700 Option to Disable Multi Point Bluetooth

Can we get an option to disable multi point Bluetooth please? The Bose implementation is buggy and I’d rather just connect to each device manually at this point.

Hey Trance_85, 


Thanks for posting and providing the Community with your feedback! I'll be sure to raise this with the team as a feature request for you. 


If any other users would like to see this added please do let us know below. 

1 to this feature request.


I've been experiencing the stuttering issue on my NCH 700s (despite being on the 1.7.0 FW and going through the reset/troubleshooting steps to no avail). The only method for me to avoid the stuttering is to have only one device connected at a time.


Having a feature to disable multi-point Bluetooth will indeed be helpful (as we wait for a permanent fix comes [if it comes]).

I also have experience the same issues. I would also like an option to disable multi-point connect. 

I want this feature implemented ASAP. Spent $400 on these and this is a must. I have it connected to my iPhone to manage the device but when using it at work with my laptop it gets very annoying to hear phone notifications coming in while on a call.