Need advice for Solo acoustic pro 32 without sub or pro 8



For years I gigged small to medium venues with the original Bose L1.  I played hundred of shows with it.  I eventually stopped bringing my Sub because of feedback issues (maybe I just never set it up optimally).  Im a player and not a sound engineer but to my ears, on vox/guitar/loops with basslines, the sub was overkill.  Gigs consisted of as little as 20 in a small room to 100 in boozy bars.  I have moved from the states to Oz and am getting ready to play out again.  I would like to buy into the Bose system once again but need some advice.


My budget, should stretch to allow for a Pro 8 but I am concerned it may not match my old legacy L1.


There is a store here that has a pro 32 for a comparable price as the Pro 8 but without the sub.


I am unfamiliar with any of the product lines except for the original.  Would I be fine with the pro 32 as a solo acoustic player (not a dj, but I do use a Helix pedal for bass and synthy lines as a platform) w/o a sub?  I'm sure the newer versions behave differently.


I would really love any time and experienced feedback the community could give.


Thank you so much for your input.




Hi msp1975!

Thank you for your post. The L1 Pro32 system can be purchased bundled with either the Sub1 or Sub2 bass module, but not on its own.

I'd say the L1 Pro16 would be the closest equivalent to your current legacy L1 system, and would certainly more than enough power and clarity for your performances. For a room of around 100 people, the L1 Pro8 would also provide ample coverage and loudness. 

If possible, I recommend viewing the L1 Pro systems in-store to see which would suit you best. Bose also have a risk-free trial period if you order with them directly, should you wish to exchange or return the system.

Hope this helps!