Need advice from a pro feedback exterminator

Hi, my first time here. I play acoustic archtop with a humbucker into my amp in my 8x10 study. I’m having problems with acoustic feedback where my strings vibrate until I have to mute them. I discovered Sabine feedback exterminators and purchased one from eBay. When I was letting it automatically detect feedback it would not respond when the guitar began feeding back, as if the Sabine did not even hear it. I know it’s for PA systems and mixers but it seems like it should work for this guitar feedback. It’s possible the thing is just not working right and I’m going to try to get another one to test.
But is this pointless? Will a Sabine feedback exterminator fbx 1020 not work with 100 HZ to 500 HZ acoustic feedback? Unfortunately Sabine quit making these and I can’t find their company to ask them

Thank you for any help.

No experience with that gear but your observation that the Sabine is not even hearing it may be the clue. Have you tested that the input to the Sabine is actually live?

Thanks much for the reply. Well, it behaved as if it was finding feedback frequencies, but when feedback started with my guitar, it did not act as if it saw it, and it did not place a notch filter. This one may not be functioning correctly thought, after messing with it a bit, the red lights on the filter banks stopped doing anything. Still while it did seem to be working, I watched it ready to detect feedback and place a notch, but when the strings on my guitar started vibrating and feeding back, it did not seem to note the feedback at all.
This was my second from ebay, and I’ve returned them. If this worked it would be and end to lots of trouble for me, so I will try it one more time.

I noticed that people seems to be quite happy with the DBX AFS2. It’s the best selling unit at Thomann (which are a sponsor of this forum). At about 375, it seems to go for a little more than the Sabine units on eBay, but maybe it’s a matter of buy just once.

When I get my tax refund, I will give it a try. At least with musician’s Friend I can return it if I don’t like it. Thank you very much for pointing me to the dbx.