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Hey everyone,


The Bose Professional Installed Community is for Bose dealers and installers who work with our installed products like the Bose professional digital sound processors and amplifiers, and touring products like Bose ShowMatch DeltaQ loudspeakers. 


The Bose Community for Bose speakers, headphones, audio sunglasses and more is no longer available. If you need assistance with other Bose products, such as the Quiet Comfort Earbuds, Soundbar 900, QuietComfort 45, etc., please visit our support site. Please note that threads created for non-Bose Professional products will be removed, and off topic posts will be moved or closed.

Thanks for your understanding!


Helpful Links


If you are interested in learning more about our Pro products please visit There you can browse our products, explore our Learning Center, and more.


Make sure to also check out the Bose Professional Youtube channel at


How to use the Bose Community


Next, I want to call out some of the helpful features of our forums.


Posts and replies 

You must be a registered member to post or reply on the Bose Community. If you’re not registered, simply click ‘Sign In/Register’ in the upper right corner of the page.



Once registered you can post a new topic or reply to an existing one. To create a new one hit the ‘New Topic’ button on the right side of the page.



You’ll need to write a subject for your post, a message, and select your board. It’s a good idea to check out the board ahead of time and use the search to make sure no one has posted a similar topic.


You’ll notice that our community struct is a bit broader than before, so you’ll want to familiarize yourself with using labels. When posting a new topic, you can affix a predefined label to it. These will appear at the bottom of the first post as a clickable button and on the board itself on the right-hand column. Clicking into a label allows you to see any other topics that have also had this label applied.

You’ll notice when posting that you have formatting options for the body of your post. Most of these are standard and similar to other common word processors or forums. You have the option to insert links, emojis, and photos.




Giving Likes 

Likes are a fun way for you to show other members that their post was either helpful, well written, or just generally enjoyable. If you see a post you like, make sure to give it a thumbs up!


You can only like a post once and can see how many likes a post have received. Posters are alerted when you give a like to their post and you can see how many likes a person has received on their profile.


To give a like, simply click the thumbs up icon Wayne_M_3-1591103755468.png at the bottom of a post.




Accepting Solutions 

Community managers and the original poster on a thread can mark a reply as a solution. When this happens, the thread will show with a green bar, subject, and check mark on the board indicating that topic has a solution. Posters are alerted when you accept their post as a solution and you can see how many accepted solutions a person has received on their profile. This is a great way to let someone know that their suggestion worked for you and can help other community members as well!


To mark a solution, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of a reply and choose ‘Accept as solution’. You can also select ‘Accept as Solution’ at the bottom of a post. Remember, only the member who created the topic can do this.







1.    Private Messages

Members are able to send Private Messages to other members who have private messages enabled. In you have any unread messages, the number will appear inside a red dot.


To view your messages, click the email icon at the top of the page under ‘Inbox’. You can send a message with ‘New Message’, or ‘Send Message’ on the member’s profile page. Just remember to adhere to the Community Guidelines even when interacting in private!

2.   Notifications

Next to the email icon at the top, you’ll find the Notifications bell. Clicking here will show you actions that have happened since you last logged in such as ranking up, badges you’ve earned, and even when people have mentioned you in a post, replied to your post, etc.



3.   Profile and Settings

In the very top right corner of any page on the community you will see your display name and a picture known as an avatar. Clicking on this will give you a drop-down menu with several options.

  1. My Profile- Next to the Notifications bell you’ll see your Avatar and username. Clicking on either will bring up a drop down where you can see your Profile, Settings, can sign out, and more. Clicking on your profile will bring up the About page, where you can see some of your stats and recent activities.
        Avatars- Your avatar is an image that represents you to the community. You are
        assigned a random one when you create your account but can update it by going to
        ‘My Settings -> Avatars’.
  2. My Settings- My Settings will bring you to where you can toggle options regarding your personal information, preferences, avatar, tagging, macros and subscriptions and notifications. Some settings have a handy ‘i’ icon that will explain more details if you hover over it.
  3. My Subscriptions- Subscriptions are threads that you get notified on when they are update and this is a quick way to get back to the page that allows you to manage your subscriptions. We’ll go over how to subscribe to a thread later.
  4. Help- Much like this post, the Help menu goes over the functionality of the forums in a handy FAQ format.
  5. Change Password- By validating your current password, you can change to a new one. This will affect your login across all Bose applications, such as Bose Music and
  6. Sign out- A quick way to log out of the forums.

Post Options

Each individual post on a thread also has some options for it and actions you can take. You can find this drop-down menu by clicking on the three vertical dots in the upper right of the post frame.



Report Inappropriate Content- If you see any content from a member that you find inappropriate or breaks the Community Guidelines or Bose Terms of Use, you can report it by clicking this. This will send an alert to the Bose Moderation staff who will determine if any action is necessary. 


I’m excited to have you here and hope you’ll enjoy the Bose Community forums!