No audio output through Bose Soundbar 700 when connect via Otpical to LG OLED C9

Good Evening Bose Community! I recently purchased a new LG OLED C9 and a Bose soundbar 700. I have the optical cable connected to both and am unable to get sound output through my soundbar. When I use the device connector and set it up it will play when I hit sound test but once I finish setup nothing. 


Also does the remote do anything at all? I seem to only be able to use it when I play music through the Bose music app. 


Sorry but i couldn’t find a thread on this topic anywhere. I am also knew to home theatre so maybe I’m making rookie mistakes, but it’s been 3 weeks and I’m dying to use both the TV and Soundbar 

Use your LG remote and go into TV settings - Sound - Sound Out (Optical/HDMI ARC).

Im having the same issue as stated above. I have the Bose 700 hooked up to my projector using the optical cable and on the correct setting for the audio it was working fine before. Today when I went to turn on my 700 it kept going to play music instead the sound from the projector. 

You may press the button on the remote for the correct source if you turned on the bar manually and the projector afterwards...

I tired that as well and moments after selecting the Tv source the system turns off. And won’t turn on under the tv button only Bluetooth and music. I’m thinking of just calling customer support. I’ve also disconnected everything turn it off and tried again after but nothing. 

I was able to get it to work. For some reason, you have to turn on the TV with the Soundbar remote..... 


But now my tv turns on and off on its own, I woke up to it on at 3 am this morning, and it just turned off while I was watching TV.....

Maybe it's a CEC  issue where devices are turning each other on and off.  You might want to redo your CEC settings.

How do I manage the CEC? And what should the settings be?


Each device would have it's own CEC settings that you can control with the remote control for that device.  Your Bose might use the Bose remote or the Bose Music app, I'm not sure.  Check your owners manual.

For the Bose remote try to rerun the setup (Remove the TV in the bose Music APP, and add it again), and instead to going through the steps to test the functions, select advanced setup, and then enter the exact TV model number (you can find out in the LG Menu / General / About this TV or something similar).


For the sound issue, did you connect an HDMI cable at all between the TV on the soundbar ?

If not CEC shouldn't matter. 


Make sure you try to setup the TV remote correctly (See above), and then when done, make sure you press the TV input button, and also check the in the Bose Music APP the option "Wake-up soundbar when sound is received is selected).



I ended up calling Bose support the out come and solution for me was a factory reset.