No volume indicator is displayed when changing volume using the ST300 universal remote control



I have newly purchased the SoundTouch 300 soundbar and connected it to LG TV (60UB850T) with HDMI ARC (SIMPLINK is on).

When I change the volume with the BOSE universal remote, the volume changes but without displaying any volume indicator on the screen.


Any idea what might be causing this?



Hello ahmad.shami, 


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I am sorry but as the Soundbar does not have a video signal, it will not indicate the volume change on the TV itself. 


I am sorry for any inconvinice caused at this time. 


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Vicky W - Community Support

Thank you for the reply, what about the Bose Soundbar 700? Does it have a video signal?

Soundbar 700 does show the volume bar when its connected with HDMI ARC. If it connected with Optical then there is no volume indicator.

Thanks Raji, could you please clarify with Sounbar 700:


Using the TV remote, do you see a volume indicator with sound level in numbers?

Using the Bose universal remote, do you see a volume indicator with sound level in numbers?


In my case with the SoundTouch 300:

Using the TV remote, I can see a volume indicator showing only or -. No sound level is displayed.
With the Bose universal remote, absolutely nothing is displayed when I change the volume.

What you describe is the usual behavoir. The TV cannot anticipate what the min and the max volume of the soundbar is, hence it is only showing or - .

The soundbar itself doesn't have a display to show its volume, but the app does.


This can be inconvenient to some people, but I think it might be the same for other competitors unless they have a display for that.


For me when I try to use tv remote for volume it gives message says something like there is external audio device is connected so this functionality is not available. When I use Bose universal remote I do see volume with numbers like "Volume 20".