Noise in Portable PA

Hi, I am running a reloop dj controller through either my Bose T4S or my Behringher Xenyx QX1222usb, into my Bose L1-B2. I am having a problem when connected this way with noise. To clarify: my laptop is connected to the reloop controller via USB, my controller then connected through the BAL L&R outputs into either of the mixers. If the laptop is connected directly to either mixer via USB there is no noise. The noise is like static, crackling. It seems to be coming from the laptop itself. Any suggestions on how to clean it up?

Hi Speedy,

I looked at the Reloop Touch and the outputs are balanced, 1/4 inch (6.3 mm) Tip-Ring-Sleeve.  Are you using 1/4 inch (6.3 mm) Tip-Ring-Sleeve cables from the Reloop to the mixer?

Are all the power supplies connected to the same power source (e.g., power bar).

If you run the laptop on batteries only (no AC Power Supply) do you still hear the noise?


Hi ST, Yes using TRS cables. All equipment plugged into the same power point.

All the mixer inputs I am using are balanced. I get the same noise by using the RCA's as well.
I have done some more research & testing and believe it to be a ground loop. I got rid of the static by changing the laptop charger to the original ASUS double insulated one, (sounds the same if running on battery).
As I had been using a cheap Chinese generic replacement one. There is still some hum. Which I hope is eliminated when I connect this, iFi iDefender 3.0 USB pass through dongle into the laptops USB output to the controller. Will know in about a week when it arrives. Hopefully it's all sorted.