Not a KNOWN fault?

A few months ago one of my L1 units “blew” and it cost $450, and then last fortnight the other side blew and that cost $480. Now the second side has “blown” again and will cost $480 and take 3 weeks. That’s $1,410 so far and we have to cancel 100 people and the hire of the hall. Not happy. Bose still says “I’m sorry you have this problem”?

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I would like to try to escalate this issue and get it to the eyes of Bose Australia, please check your inbox for a PM and we will be sure to follow up,

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I used to be Bose’s greatest fan but am at my wits and don’t know what to do about this Saturday. I CANNOT cancel this gig like I have all the others because it is a church gig for families who have re-arranged all their affairs to get there, months ahead. This was not caused by dirty, low or high power as the gear is protected by expensive Belkin surge protectors and every-time the L1’s have “blown”, the gear was sitting in my lounge room and treated like a baby. I have even asked the repairers to put a plug in the back so I can bypass the electronics and use my own amp.

Quite frankly, I did not expect this outcome: Bose Sydney (Matt) must have turned somersaults with the repairers to get this fixed in time! Miraculously they had a board already there that they hadn’t used, and so I have my L1 back already. Bose even paid for the repairs, which is something NO other brand would do. I’m ready for the gig with confidence, but still in shock.

UPDATE 1: The first gig went well, played for 3 hours and no hitch.

UPDATE 2 The second church gig went well. It was a long echoey hall but the clarity carried, not a problem. Played for 4 hours with nothing scarey.

Thanks ozzysteve!

This is great to hear! Thank you for the updates. We hope you continue to enjoy your system!

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