Older SoundLink Bluetooth mobile speaker isn't discoverable on new I-Phone 12

After 10 years I just updated my iPhone from a 6-S to iPhone 12. Now my older SoundLink speaker's bluetooth signal isn't recognizable/discoverable by iPhone 12. It was still able to connect to my old phone with no problem. The speaker is one of the older clunky ones (9.5 in X 5 in) but puts out nice big sound. Any suggestions for my problem? My speaker probably is 10 years old. 


Bose product name: SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker

Model No.:  404600

Country: United States

Devices affected and software version: iPhone 12 on IOS 14.7.1 


(I do not work for Bose)

An interesting issue.  I used to have a ip7 and an older soundlink like you but have since replaced the SL with a Mini 2 and an ip12pro.

Try connecting the soundlink to other BT audio playing devices and see what connects and what does not.  Also try connecting a different BT headphone or speaker to the ip12.  Let people here know what you have discovered.

I just tried connecting my iphone 12pro to the mini 2 and it kept connecting and disconnecting.  So I went into BT device options and removed it and then re-paired and that seemed to have made it play correctly.


Thanks for the quick response Joel.  Very good ideas.

1. Yes, my new iPhone 12 is on IOS 14.7.1. I may just report this to Apple to see what they say.

2. I've connected iPhone 12 to my Bose headphones and other (newer) speakers without a problem.

3. Your idea of checking the SoundLink to other devices gave me an idea. Although I'm trading in my iPhone 6-S, I still have my original iPhone 2 and it works! I never had an iPod, but I'm just going to use my old phone like an iPod as it still talks with the SoundLink. I mostly just use the SoundLink on my deck at home; it's too big and heavy to easily travel. I'll just keep the old phone with the speaker and enjoy the big SL sound. Good workaround.