Options for performing without AC power


There's been a lot of discussion about running totally on battery power.  Often that involves one or two S1 Pro systems and then other bits and pieces that run on batteries.

I'm considering getting a portable power station. Here's an example: Jackery Explorer 1000


That's not an endorsement - just an example of something that might work.  Minimum requirement: Pure Sine Wave output and be able to run my full rig for at least four hours.  Weight is an issue, but let's assume I will be able to drive to within 50 feet of the stage area.

That would allow me to go back to using my L1 Model II (or F1 Model 812 or L1 Compact), ToneMatch mixer, and Kemper Profiling Amp instead of managing compromises to run on batteries.

I've been doing a lot of performing with the S1 Pro systems. They are great, but I miss playing with my bigger systems in outdoor settings where I could use the extra performance.

Random thoughts and rationalizations

  • I've been looking at guitar and other gear I can run on batteries (e.g. Line 6 HX Stomp because I can run it on a battery pack).  By the time I do all that, I will have spent close to the cost of a 1000 Watt-hour battery pack.

    • The HX Stomp and Strymon Iridium are nice devices, I'm happy with the Kemper Profiler (I already own).  I'm learning about the HX Stomp but I'm finding it limiting.
    • I don't really want to have two guitar rigs with different user interfaces.
  • I don't want to use a gas-powered generator

Has anyone tried using one of these portable power stations? Any other thoughts?



Update: Please see Portable Power Stations for L1 Systems


And then there's an even  cheaper solution: a deep cycle 12 v battery and a true sine wave Inverter -- Total less than $400.

And since I recharged the battery in my grid tied solar house, it was "solar power.

I've used that sort of setup for 4 hour gigs using my guitar Efx, looper, mixer and JBL EON ONE all plugged into A/C...  And it fit in my Mazda Miata...

Hi Chet,

Please give us a link to the battery (so I can look at things like capacity, dimensions and weight). Assuming I don't have a 12 volt power supply, how would you charge it?

What's the maximum output in watts for your pure sine-wave inverter (link)?



Oh, they're kinda heavy nearly 50 lbs -- and in the 80-100 Ah range, the size of a large car battery.

I have an Interstate SRM24.

And my total was off, an SRM24 and 1000 watt true sine wave inverter will run under $300.  They'd probably power an L1M2 with a B2 for 5 to 6 hours...

Oh, I use a regular battery charger (about $50) for quick charging and a $25 trickle charger that's left on the battery.


For busking in the Montreal metro, I use one Bose S1 Pro, The VoiceLive 3 powered by a Talent Cell battery (8000 mAh, the size of 4 stacked iPhones) and my Blue EnCORE 300 whose phantom power is provided by the VoiceLive 3. 

It’s not full show gear, but it does the job and is very, very portable. 



Keep on strumming

Hi JFd,

Great to see you again. It's nice to know you're out in the Montreal metro playing. I'm glad the S1 Pro is working for you in that setting.

I'm using my S1 Pro for outdoor shows, but there are often times I miss running a larger L1 or F1 system.



Hi Chet,

It looks like your lead-acid battery plus inverter and charger provides similar output to a 1000 watt-hour lithium-ion battery pack at perhaps half the price and more than double the weight. Thanks for the information and food for thought.



 Thank You very much for your research. I would like to confirm, that you have tried this power station yourself ?

 And one more question Jackery power station has a smaller unit. Would it be sufficient to run  T1 only ?