Panaray System Controller Shutting Down

Hi There,

I have a Panaray System controller which is shutting down and medium/low input volumes.   I did post about it "Dropping Out" from the gig last night, but have been unable to find that post on this site.
At the end of the night, after the room emptied, I reconnected the Bose EQ and ran some tests. The EQ would work if the input volume was low (less than -24db on the input meter). As soon as I increased the volume the Bose EQ would shut down and re-start.  The controller screen would go blank for a second, then display the software version before coming back on.  If the volume remained high, it would instantly shut down again.
any Ideas?


Hello Derek,

I have moved this post into the Ask Bose for Help forum.  Someone at Bose should respond on Monday.

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Hi Derek,

I responded to your other post before reading this one.  With this information, we'll certainly have to look at service.  Please give us a call - 877-335-2673


Hi Nick,

Thank you for your input, I did call support on Monday morning. I ran the four Bose 802III’s without the Panaray controller to finish the event. After we finished I did confirm the Panaray controller was the problem. It would shut down as soon as the volume increased above the -24db mark on the input meter.

We have taken advantage of the offer to replace the Panaray for a Controlspace SP-24 , it should be here tomorrow.

Thank you again and Bose support were amazing to deal with.


gud day sir, i do have a panaray digital controller which, lately it was acting weird, when turning on it will take more than five minutes for its display to come out, and last week it turn on and have the display but no signal is coming in and also no out put, i connect the mixer directly to the amp, i have a sound but with the controller its empty, hope for your kind reply.



need help,