Password in Professional Installed

Hi! There's a guy I work with, he locked panel, and doesn't remember the password, how can we reset it, bose powermatch pm8500, and the event is about to start. 

Good day! 

Yes, someone contacted me, but the panel it's still locked. 

Can you please send me your direct mail so that I can send you some pictures of it? 

Hi there,

I have the same problem that the front panel lock password is forgotten 


on PM8500N. Will you help me?

Kind regards,

Hi Razakashi,


I sent you a private message. Though the PM8500 'N' variant does not require a passcode to configure when connecting through the network. 


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Hi Chris 


Hope you are well,

I have the same issue with the password reset on the PM8500


Can you send me the info on how to reset? Thank you so much,

Kindest regards Carlone 

Hi, I lost the password too, please help!





Hello Murphy,

Has my colleague already contacted you?


Hello Murphy,

good to read they followed up.

You can send me the photos by private message. Just click on my avatar / name.


Hi, I also need some assistance resetting a panel lock on a bose powermatch 8500, one of my employees set the lock but they cannot remember the code. are you able to help?

Good afternoon, can you help me with the front password of the Bose PM8500 amplifier, I forgot.

Try to download Controlspace Designer and use it to recover the password.