PC admin rights

Modeler 6.7 loudspeaker admin rights issue.

I recently had an issue on a company Dell PC with Modeler 6.7 plus installed. During updating the loudspeaker database the instructions provided appear not to have been followed correctly which meant that RoomMatch data files would not be found when placing an array. The PC has restricted admin rights and I had to get our IT guy log on to the PC to reinstall Modeler as a precaution, and then follow the correct instructions to transfer the new loudspeaker data. This all went fine, we placed an array and all worked as it should. Our sales consultant then logged back on the opened Modeler and tried to place an array in the model and in the array properties we had two empty cells where the RoomMatch module names should be. The file permissions seemed to be restricting access to the speaker data. With the sales consultant still logged on we replaced the speaker dater again using the instructions and this solved the issue.