Performers and their Bose systems

Starting something new: Let's celebrate and recognize our members through their pictures.

This thread is for pictures of members with their systems; no empty stages or gear only pictures please.

Have fun.


Source: S1's Save the Day

Contributor: Mr. Hoon

AcoustiCafe at the Arbutus Maryland Arts Festival.

Always great sound with our L1 Compacts

This stage is shaped like a funnel. Look along the top and you'll see our two L1 Model II systems behind the drummer and my buddy on guitar.

That's my group (The Windbags) in the "S1's Save the Day" pic. This is a picture of us with our L1B2 rig (back right corner). Again, I am the old dude on the right. I have also included a pic of my nephew (Axel) with the Compact that my wife and I gave him for Christmas. We are all Bosed up!FB_IMG_153358032861720180921_200821

27846697_10215780540446855_514281825_o [1)27846697_10215780540446855_514281825_o [1)

Legendary Singer/Songwriter Billy Don Burns and I playing through my L1M2


I don't have any current pictures of Ariko using the Bose system with everyone on stage but I wanted to be in on this . I'm submitting this picture  of the K.O.S band taken at the jazz festival in Orillia Ont. Canada  on

1Oct, 22, 2006