Phone Free Alarms

Hi - I normally use my sleepbuds in phone free mode. Over the past couple of weeks I have started using it in regular mode with alarms which is a feature I actually like. However, I would like to go back to using phone free mode and am hoping Bose will consider adding alarms to the phone free mode functionality. 

I noticed that the documentation mentions that if you use alarms and your phone gets disconnected, the alarm will still sound. 

if that is the case, couldn’t the alarm also be added to phone free mode given that initially in phone free mode the Bluetooth connection does occur then ends after a period of time?


this would be an amazing feature and I’m hoping Bose will consider it. Thanks!

Hello Aysidd, thank you for reaching out! Sorry to hear that you are having issues with the Sleepbuds. 
When in phone-free mode, the alarms will be disabled because in the Sleepbuds are disconnected from your device, they can’t play alarms or receive notifications from the app when phone-free mode is active. 

However, I can forward this feature request for you. 

I hope this helps. 

Thanks for getting back to me! I’m not sure I fully understand what you mean.


The documentation states that when not in phone free mode, if your phone dies or gets disconnected from the sleepbuds, then the alarms will still sound. Therefore that would mean that the app is not what is triggering the alarm. In addition, when setting the alarm the UI states that the alarm was saved to the sleepbuds. of course there may be something I am missing here but the fact that the alarm plays when disconnecting from the phone would indicate that the alarms could also play in phone free mode too. 

this seems to be more of a workflow problem in the sense that when in phone free mode, the sleep buds turn on immediately. However I would wager to guess most folks set a consistent time to wake up, so if the alarm can be set on the screen where someone sets up the sleepbuds for phone free mode, it may work and would only require the alarm or alarms to be set up once. 

just thinking out loud here 🙂 again I could be missing something. 

, The alarm will not work when in phone free mode because the Sleepbuds are disconnected from your device, they can’t play alarms or receive notifications when Phone-Free Mode is enabled. However, when not in phone free mode, in the event the phone battery dies and the phone disconnects from Sleepbuds II, they will still play the first scheduled alarm automatically. So, as long as the earbuds still have battery life, you will still hear a wake-up alarm.



I tied this twice and it worked both times.


- Set up the alarm (and turn on)

- Set SBII in Phone-Free Mode (enabled)

- Turned off Bluetooth on phone

- Turned off Location Services on phone


** The alarm still went off both times as scheduled, in phone-free mode and bluetooth off.


The past 3 nights I switched to phone-free mode and turned bluetooth/location off and after 7 1/2 hrs the buds were still about 67% charged. 


The past 3 nights I woke each time before the alarm was scheduled to go off.  The 2 tests I did try were during the day with the alarm set to go off in 5-10 minutes.

Thanks for responding! I think your test confirms that it is possible for alarms to go off in phone free mode, its just a matter of bose adding this feature to the phone-free mode menu. I hope Bose gives this feature request its rightful attention because I do think it would be extremely helpful for folks who want to use phone free mode but still have alarms.

any idea why location services is needed to be off for this to work? 

I think this is a key feature that I really hope to see added. I'm still during my 90 day return window and I'm on the fence about returning because this feature is lacking. 


The way I like to use the buds is only if my partner's snoring wakes me up. When it does, I can reach over, take the buds out of the case, and in phone free mode they are working and I don't need to get my phone, open the app, wait for the connection, press play. But the ear buds work well enough to block out my regular alarm, hence the need for the alarm feature in phone free mode.


I'm going to try the workaround option described in another post, but hopefully Bose steps up on this one.  

Thank you for agreeing! I am still not completely convinced phone free alarms are not technically possible. It makes no sense that 1) the alarm is saved to the sleepbud and 2) the alarm plays if ones phone dies, but phone free alarms don’t work. This seems to be contradictory behavior. 

I really wish Bose would add this feature. 

I'd like to see alarms in Phone-Free Mode as well! It's a must. I tried the workaround mentioned without luck. If it's critical that I hear an alarm, I turn off Phone-Free mode temporarily for the night, but this defeats the reason I got these in the first place. Also thinking about returning these as the end of my 90-day window approaches.