Pics from rush move to indoors!

I had to make a last minute decision to move indoors due to approaching rainstorms. Luckily the client had a 6 car garage that converted nicely into a dance hall. Thought I would post a few pics of my outdoor rig.
I use 3 Classics plus subs. No stage amps. Tripods and truss for lighting.
The Bose are the quickest part of the setup!




What style of music do you play and how loud do you play?

I only ask because I think if my band set up that way the acoustic drums would mask too much of the L1 sound before it came out front.

We either set our drums to one side or have the L1’s direcly besides the drums.

…Also, how do those subs work out for you?
Are they powered?
Is there one for each tower/instrument?

Ric- We play new country and classic rock. I regularly run all 3 Classics to full output.

My drums are actually a Pintech/Roland TD3 set. My drummer has only recently tried to go back to his acoustic kick with a trigger. He’s still hung up on the “look” of a small e-kick.
The big acoustic kick with the large batter head sometimes causes double trigger problems, which is no surprise.

Sometimes I set the classics up higher and tilt them forward for a larger room/crowd. But, for 100-150 people the classic has enough horsepower to cut right through the drum kit.

We have all come from using in-ears where each of us had a balanced mix, much like a cd. All three of us sing, so grouping the classics behind helps us hear a similiar vocal/instrument balance.

Drumr- As with any sound tool there are pro’s and cons to each but, Overall the subs work pretty well for my needs. They are passive and run off the Classics bass output with 5k resistors to activate the B1 EQ curve. They are small and have a useful sensitivity for maximum output with the Classic. They have a luggage type handle and wheels for ease of moving and are relatively light for a full output bass system.
They’re also a low cost option.

I like to keep things simple and use as little equipment as possible yet maximize the size of the gig I can accept. To keep our stage/FOH mix consistant for upto about 250 people I have settled on the three Classics with different bass box systems.

I have experimented with several different bass box configurations including the B1’s and currently use 2xB1 for Vocal/guitar, 2x18" subs for Vocal/drums and 1x18" sub for Vocal/bass. This keeps each system fully independant for the needs of that instrument.

I downsized from the traditional 3 tier system with large FOH and monitors. Yet we are all old rocknrollers that like alot of chest thump and deep 5 string bass for new country. Also our crowds have always responded much better that way.

On a sidenote, I did book a couple large community street dances utilizing a sound provider and his large FOH system. We used the three Classics DI outs to send our 6 signals out front and all went well.