PM8500 loose network EX doubled IP

We are currently working on a project with the following devices:

1x EX12AEC

4x PM8500N Dante card inserted

2x EX-4ML

2x Cisco SG350-10P (Dante Prim Sec)

1x Cisco SG350-28P

3x Majorcom Dante Mic

4x Philips 10" Touch CSR


All Devices are set on DHCP in the network as with fixed IP some will not appear in the CSD neither in the IP Scan. Once set on DHCP, it's solved. Subnet, GW & DNS has been checked and are the same.

Yesterday the system works perfect, but this morning the PM's lost their network (Dante will continu), and the EX does have a doubled IP.

What can we do to fix this and how to solve to avoid future issues?


Dante works very well, but I'm not able to get the CSD connected to the devices. See below the actual IP scan.




CSD version 5.91

All Dante and CSD devices are up to date in Dante firmware and CSD firmware as well


Hi Marijn,


I can't say for sure, but it's possible this has to do with the network configuration.

I'm seeing 3 network switches you've listed, and one you say "Dante Primary and Secondary".

Our ports on the back of the EX-12AECs depend on port configuration to either isolate or combine networks. If the dante network ports are set up for 'switched' mode, then both ports are duplicating the same network traffic for control (as well as Dante).

As a test, I would make sure the ports are set the way you want your network to see them, and if Dante and Control are going to be combined, only use 1 port. Otherwise, you can also use redundancy. 


If the PM amps are using both ports, are they also using the 3rd port (not on the card)? 

If you connect directly to the built-in Ethernet port on the PM amps, do these always appear in CSD? 


Thank you,




Hi Chris,


The Primary and Secondary Switch are not connected to each other. the Sec is separate one.

The EX-12AEC is set up on Redundant but I still have 2 IP-addresses and CSD does not accept that.

The PM's are not visible in CSD, Those are connected with ethernet, Dante P & Dante S.


Also this failure will appear when I start up EX-12AEC to static IP: