Portable Smart Speaker dropping out of grouping with Bose 700 speakers

I have a large open-plan room in my loft. On one side I have a television connected to a Soundbar 700 with the 700 subwoofer and 700 surround speakers. On the other side of the room, I sometimes group my Portable Smart Speaker with the 700 system to have sound on that side while I work out or cook. I am speaking of using all of these speakers together to listen to music.


Once I have established the speaker grouping in the Bose app, all speakers connect and play normally via Spotify. After the first song has ended, the Portable Smart Speaker often drops out of the group. Sometimes it'll reconnect after some time, sometimes it won't. The constant is that it will always connect and play the first song, but more often than not it'll start dropping out after that. I have also experienced connectivity problems when trying to connect solely to the Portable Smart Speaker. And several times I've had to reset it to get Alexa to start working again.

My 700 series home theater system works great, but I continue to have issues with the Portable Smart Speaker. Any advice? Thanks.

Hey WHeape71, 


Thanks for posting and reaching back out to the Community again! We would love to assist with this dropout issue that you are having. 


Let's start with the simple step of deleting and reinstalling the Bose Music app, then signing in and out of your Bose Music account. We also want to ensure that the speaker is running the latest firmware by following these steps here.


We look forward to hearing back from you with the result of the above.  



I had to do a hard reset on the speaker and add it to the BOSE app again. This is the fourth time I've had to do this since May.

Once I got the speaker connected again, I performed the steps you listed. I've reinstalled the BOSE app (again, fourth time I've done this) and prompted the speaker to check for an update. It did display the chasing white light in a clockwise motion for a bit, so I'm not sure if it updated firmware or not.

I'll test out the group function soon to see if the speaker continues to drop out. Thanks for your help.

FYI this is still going on. I keep having to do a hard reset on the speaker, remove it from the app, and reinstall it. It's still not staying connected to the group with the 700 series speakers, and Alexa dies after a few days and I have to perform the steps above.