Possible hearing damage using quietcomfort earbuds

I really like the quietcomfort earbuds, but I have serious problems with volume management.  When at the gym, even without a lot of background noise, I set the music as low as I can and still hear it.  In many cases when I'm done and take them out, it's like I'm inside a tunnel, like after attending a very loud event.  I've tried turning off NC because I was worried that might be generating hi-freq sound as part of cancelling but still have the problem.  I have also had this problem when on long phone calls even though the person's voice isn't loud at all.  I'd really hate to have to discontinue using them but I'm worried that my hearing will be damaged with continued use.  Anyone else notice this?




Any source of sound can damage your ears if the volume is too loud.  I have had tinnitus (ringing ears) for 33 years from noise induced hearing loss.  I was a drummer for over 50 years.  Tinnitus is terrible.  Do whatever necessary to protect your ears and your hearing.

Hey DrewJ, 


Thank you for posting and welcome to the Bose Community! We appreciate you sharing your concerns with us and would love to get some further information from you. 


I also agree with here, it's very important that you do everything necessary to protect your hearing. To clarify in your post, are you stating that you have actually experienced hearing loss after using the product, or if this is something that you are concerned about. 


Please do get back to us with further information on this.