Power safe on Soundtouch wireless link adapter



I need some help about Soundtouch wireless link adapter.


I have a group with two Soundtouch wireless link adapter in a small airport and at the end of the day, the source (PC) turn off. In the morning when we turn on the source, we need to create the group again.


We did several tests and the problem is at the end of 20 minuts without signal, the unity enters in ''power safe''.


There is any way to turn off the ''power safe''? Can we do anithing with ''USB Service''?


Best regards,


Ricardo Barreiros

ABC, Lda - Portugal





Hi rbarreiros@abc.pt


Thanks for writing in!


The SoundTouch Wireless Link Adapter does not have an option to prevent the auto-off feature.  I can certainly put in a feature request for you however to see if it's something that can be implemented in a future update.


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Tony A - Community Support