PowerMatch 8500 N firmware corrupt

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I have a problem with an amplifier that keeps telling me "corrupt firmware" what can I do? I have tried many times to reload the firmware with the latest version, but the result is the same.


Kamil Barca



Thanks for the reply. I already knew the procedure very well. but even so I have solved the problem it always gives me the same error for the sake of accuracy I use the latest software and firmware version. thank you Kamil

Thanks for the reply. when I do the procedure it returns to me as before I do not know what to do thank you Kamil

Hi Kamil,


It is strange that you're getting a corrupt firmware message even without Recovery Mode active, as this message is only intended to appear when the amp is in recovery mode. 


So when you attempt a firmware update, does it stall or stop half-way through? 

If so, there may be an issue in Windows with language selection (CSD 5.7 only).


We've heard reports in the past that when Windows has a default language/region of anything other than English / US, this can cause PM firmware to fail in ControlSpace 5.7. If this happens to be the case, then you can change the setting, or just try CSD 5.8-5.9. 


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ok I try

Hi Chris
then no the message appears when I do the recovery procedure
but no changes nothing keeps restarting always.
and now I see at the end the message: "error console"

Hello Kamil,


Attached you will find a detailed document that gives you the information to follow to "bring back to life" your amplifier.

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Best regards