Powermatch Amplifiers - Speaker line monitoring

Dear All,

We are facing a challenge with a stadium project for which the client wants to integrate the Voice alarm system with the arena sound system.

The challenge is that all speaker loops in the arena sound system are required to be monitored for impedance, ground fault, line break or short circuit etc. And to be able to do this, we need to interface with a third-party monitoring system along with EOLD for all speaker lines. Of the ones, I have gone through all seem to require a Pilot tone in the range of 22k - 25kHz chirp signal to be generated and monitored for fault detection. Since the Power match amplifiers are limited in the frequency range up to 20kHz only I presume we have an obvious limitation here.

So my first question is, Is there a work around solution to this situation?

I have been able to negotiate with a third-party to reconfigure the pilot tone to within the range of 19.5 - 20.5 kHz. Will this help? We are waiting to test it out this coming week. But any one who has already tried out any thing similar, please advice if its worth it.

And lastly, can we expect such a feature as line monitoring in a future update of the Powermatch? If yes, how far in future?


Hi Biju,

Thanks for the question. Officially, PowerMatch does not support voice alarm monitoring functions outside of our built-in fault monitoring system. It just was not designed to accommodate the Life Safety use case.

We can take a look at how the amplifier would handle a pilot tone at 19.5 kHz to 20.5 kHz - is there any way you could send on a recording/file of that exact tone and duration/envelope/repetition rate? Also, what speakers/how many are on the line?

Lastly to address your future feature request/question, it’s unlikely that line monitoring would debut in this generation of PowerMatch amplifier considering it’s target application. If you see this as being an important feature, please communicate this to management.