Pro16 “System EQ”

Can anyone explain what happens in the system eq at each of the four positions?


Hey getrythm, 

The System EQ feature on the L1 Pro systems applies an EQ preset to the master output. This is similar to a graphic equaliser on traditional analogue mixers, but it uses four presets instead for quick access:

  1. 'Off' - i.e. 'Flat', no EQ applied.
  2. 'Live' - best for live performances.
  3. 'Music' - best for DJ sets.
  4. 'Speech' - best for just dialogue, if using the system for public address. 

The System EQ setting will not affect the system's XLR line output audio.

Hope this helps!

I’m most interested in what happens eq-wise at each position. For example, is there a setting that focuses bass similar to the cardioid mode on the Pro32? 

Hi getrythm,

The Pro16 does not have a cardioid mode for the low frequencies.

Here are some notes on changes in the System EQ settings:

  • LIVE – slight reduction in 100Hz, bump around 1KHz, slight reduction at 10KHz

  • MUSIC – increase around 100Hz, increase around 10KHz

  • SPEECH – reduction between 100Hz and 500Hz, bump around 2KHz-3KHz, bump over 11KHz

Hope this helps!

thnx just what i was looking for!