Problems I am having with qc 35 ll gaming headset

Hi, so I recently bought the qc 35 ll gaming headset. I noticed when connecting to the Xbox series x controller that there is static coming from the left ear when plugged in with the mic wire. In order for the static to go away, the volume needs to be set around 80% but this is way too loud. A solution that I have is to use a headset adapter for the Xbox controller but I prefer to just plug in my headset without having to use the adapter. Are there any suggestions? Also, this might be normal because I am not an audio expert but when I plug in the wire to my headset but not connected to a pc or not playing anything and having the ANC on, there is very little almost not noticeable static but when the ANC is off, the almost not noticeable static is gone. In Bluetooth mode and having the ANC on the static doesn't exist and is completely silent. Is this normal?    Overall, it is an excellent headset and it works great with pc and switch. The Xbox requires a little bit of work to get it working right. 



Hello Gamerman and welcome to the Community! 

Sorry to hear that your QC 35 II Gaming headset is having some static issues. I will do what I can to help out. 

So that I can look into this further, can you confirm what type of controller you are using; standard Series X, Elite or Elite 2. 

Can you also provide the name and model of the adapter you mentioned as well. 

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

sorry for the late reply. the controller I am using right now is the Xbox series x controller. 

and the adapter is the turtle beach adapter 

That's okay! Thank you for reaching back out and clarifying. 

I would like to look into this deeper with you. 

Have you tried a different adapter with the headset? Is there a particular reason as to why you are using the adapter rather than connecting the headset directly to the controller? 
Have you tried a different controller to see if the static is still present or adjusting the audio controls from the audio menu? 

Looking forward to hear from you!