Program the remote control to access Samsung GX-VI680SJ IPTV

Hi there, we just bought a LifeStyle 650 and during the setup i could not find the Samsung GX-VI680SJ IPTV under HDTV or other types. There is alot of other Samsung HDTV's , but not the GX-VI680SJ IPTV.


I then tried other types if they might share the code and could connect to our GX-VI680SJ IPTV, but unfortunately none worked.


Is Samsung GX-VI680SJ IPTV maybe listed under a different device type, or not present to the LifeStyle database?

If so, could you please add it in the next release?


best regards, Jorgen


There are two additional steps here that we can take in an attempt to get the Bose remote to control this TV. 


1. Some Samsung TVs need to be enabled to receive an IR command. To change the Samsung Touch Control remote from Wi-Fi to IR mode select the following from the remote:

  1. Select Services
  2. Select Remote Settings
  3. Select Signal
  4. Select IR to allow the remote to send IR commands.
  5. Once the Bose system has found the best IR command, select Wi-Fi (Auto) to return the remote to normal operating mod

2. We'll want to look into using the provided IR emitter for the Lifestyle system. HERE is a help article that illustrates this. 

Hi Ryan and thanks for the reply!

However sorry for not being not so clear, but Samsung GX-VI680SJ IPTV is not a TV. Its a reciver that you get when signing with a television broadcaster and pay TV operator. 


Here in Sweden this is the box that come with one of the major television broadcaster and pay TV operator called ViaSat. The signal is recived over Ethernet (IPTV). As this is the standard box you get when subscribing on ViaSat since autumn (2016) i guess this will become a problem for many Lifestyle owners here in Sweden.


So is it possible for you to add this device in Unify, so that i can control it?


all the best, jorgen

Thank you for the clarification. When adding the device in the Bose menu through device management, let's make sure that we are calling it a cable or satellite box and trying out the Samsung codes. If that is not working and you are using the IR emitter for the system, there is no compatible codes available. We'll be happy to forward your request to our development team for future consideration. 

Hi again Ryan, and thanks for the support!

in Satellit and cable box there is only 2 Samsung models that beguine with a GX... and non of them works. In total its over 50 models and will take forever to try out as I have to come back to "setup" > "add device" each time. I'm using the IR emitter. 


I also called Samsung today to see if they could recommend a similar model with a matching IR code, but they could not help me...


Is there any way that you have a possibility to search for a matching code?

-As a wrote earlier, its the box ViaSat now ships so I'm sure many other Lifestyle owners will have use for.


regards jorgen


Hello Jorgen. While we can appreciate the manual nature of this approach, trying other Samsung cable or satellite codes will be our best shot to find a matching code if the specific model is not listed in the Unify menu.