Properties window to stay open

Jorgen’s reference to an ability that the old MAC Modeler had reminded me of another feature that it had that I wish we would emulate in Modeler 6.5.

I would like the ability to have the Properties window (that is accessed with a right mouse click - not the “Detail” window) to stay open on the desktop as you select different surfaces or speakers.

It would make it easier to go thru and check the properties on individual surfaces if you didn’t have to close it and then select another surface and then re-open it every time.

I realize that you can make the Detail window “float” to do a similar thing but if you reduce it’s size to just the cells that it uses for “Properties”, then it restricts your ability to use the other tabs easily for Simulation, Surfaces, Loudspeakers, etc.

Best Regards,


Hi Bruce,

I am completely with you. I have logged this into our database, and extended the feature to float a 2nd Data or Detail window. Would this be helpful, or simply add the floating Properties tab?


I would primarily use the floating properties window. I’m sure my other “design bretheren” will have an opinion. We will just have to wait on them to weigh in.