Protecting the L1 Model II system from the rain

After reading Joelheck’s post about 99 degrees in Florida, I would be interested in other users solutions for protecting the L1 arrays and B1’s from rain showers which seem to predominate here in the UK at outdoor events.

As changes in the weather can happen fairly quickly without much warning sometimes a quick-fit slip over cover would seem to be a good thing to have around at all open events.

It would be good to see some design ideas.

Hi Eric’sson,

We have some information and suggestions in the wiki.

Wet Weather Tips

If people offer more suggestions here, we can add those to the wiki too.

Hi ST,

Yes I saw those, I just thought that there might be some super cover-ups that users have made for the job.

I use Barbeque covers which pack up pretty easy, but I think the trash bag idea is the best for the towers and even the B1’s. It’s fast and you just throw them away. A tarp is nice but you can never get them folded back up.

Originally posted by Eric'sson:
...other ... solutions for protecting the L1 arrays and B1's from rain showers which seem to predominate here in the UK at outdoor events...
I just saw a newspaper article about a relatively new Gore product which was used for the new "roof" at Wimbledon there in the UK. ( Here is one of a number of such stories. )

I don't know that it is available as a retail item, yet, though ... it is noted as an "architectural fabric".

Hi Dan,

Reckon I might just sneek up there one night and help myself to a slice. Do you think they’ll miss a small section just big enough to cover 2 L1’s ?

Hi folks,

sorry to be really stupid here but . . . I have read the wiki page on protecting the towers from the rain and I’ve read the comments above and I still don’t get it.

When you put the tarp or the bin liners on them, do you have to cut holes for the sound to get out - or does it get through the covers?

And yes I know that I really should go straight to the bottom of the class for having to ask : (

Hi Sarah,

I think the idea of covering is just for protection from a quick, surprising, downpour, when there is not time for a complete takedown of the equipment.

I wouldn’t recommend intentionally leaving them in bad weather while in use, even covered.

There are no stupid people on the Bose forum, some courious, maybe uninformed, but we fix them when they show up. Smile


Hi Oldghm,

thanks for your ‘sharing the knowledge’ and for the fixin’. I am no longer behind the curve on this!

I have one of those portable tents I use when I am outside and the weather looks bad. I only use this if the job requires me to keep playing in the rain. This is also useful if I am playing out in the open as shade. It will not keep rian out if the wind is blowing hard. You can buy one that has sides to it.


I found this privacy quick pop up tent works great....and the sound plays right thru it! Started sprinkling at my last gig. Tent sprung into shape when pulled out of the bag. I slipped it over the top of my tower and only took less than 5 seconds and my tower was protected. I went back playing and finished the show.