PS5 and Bose Lifestyle 650

Wich are the preferred settings for PS5 and Lifestyle 650?


Interesting question, I will also be purchasing the PS5, looking forward to testing out Sonys new tempest sound, I recommend you try the audio Direct setting first, you may have to increase volume on the Bose, then test the Normal audio setting on the Bose, my rule of thumb, which ever DSP sounds loudest, on the same volume setting, is normally the correct one.

Just remember, Direct involves no DSP, and sound is recieved, how its meant to be.

Normal audio setting does not mean normal but, normalisation, I.e increase in background sounds, decrease in Bass.

Which ever sounds the best for you though, is the right setting to go with.

Me too, funny i tend to do what "Squadie" does as well and go with the one that sounds louder.  Thanks, i didnt know "NORMAL" does not mean Normal.  I usually chose normal as thats what i thought it ment and the Bose manual is not exactly flock full of information.  Will try DIRECT and see how that sounds.  Have a feeling the PS5 will sound best with newer soundsystems that have all the updated technology, the LS600/650 came out over 4 years ago now, and thats a long time in technology, either way it will still sound very good on your current LS system.  

If selecting Direct, crank up the volume so as, you can hear the quieter sounds, warning though, loud sounds will be loud, end of the day, that is cinematic sound 😊

I guess Bose named the Normal DSP because, that's what most ,would use for TV viewing, to keep neighbours and other family members from shouting, "turn that ****** tv down" 😊

If you use Normal setting, I.e volume on 30, roughly increase the volume by 10 for Direct mode, if possible.