QC30 phone call quality

Making phone calls with this headset is impossible without hearing everything around you. Even people making phone calls meters away are heard through the headset and the caller. I planned to use this instead of my wired ones but this is not possible. On the other side people hear every sound amplified. They even hear the pen on the paper when I take notes… Solutions?

Hi Michael1978,


Thanks for posting.  I would recommend taking a look at this post.


QC30 for Communication




Tony G - Community Support

 unforunately the post that  linked to has been closed after 38 pages of discussion that ultimately went nowhere.  It doesn't seem that Bose is able to resolve this issue.  https://community.bose.com/t5/Around-On-Ear-Headphones/Closed-threads-on-QC35-and-QC30-for-Communications/m-p/147332/highlight/true#M27764