QC35 II Firmware Update to Enable AR

On Wednesday, March 6th 2019 we are releasing new firmware for QC35 series II. This update can be made through the Bose Connect App and the Bose Updater Site (btu.bose.com). 



New version 

QC35 Series II 





QC35 II 


  • Laid the groundwork to support Bose AR – an innovative audio-only take on augmented reality (coming soon!). 
  • Fixed bugs and did some general cleaning up under the hood. 


Firmware 4.3.6 will require the use of the latest version of Bose Connect app (Version 8.0). Bose Connect 8.0 Update release notes can be found HERE. The need for Bose Connect app 8.0 is to ensure that the new firmware will work seamlessly with the app.