QC35II Firmware Release (v.3.1.8) - Release notes




Note:  Newly purchased QC35II's may come with version 4.1.3 pre-installed on their headset.  This version was created to support the factory and has no end user facing changes.  Our goal is to align the firmware version numbers again in the current months.


Original Post:


A software update is now available to introduce Alexa on QC35 II.


Back in May Bose announced a partnership with Amazon’s Alexa functionality in our most popular noise cancelling headset.


This integration is now available to all existing QC35 II customers via a firmware update.


For Existing Customers


Any customer who currently owns or purchases a new product that does not have the Amazon Alexa logo on the box, will be able to easily update their FW to (V 3.1.8) via the Bose connect app or by connecting their headset to a computer via USB and visiting our update site: BTU.Bose.com  


FW v3.1.8 Release Notes:

  • Added support for Amazon Alexa virtual personal assistant
  • Security-related update to remove a bug which could allow an Android phone to connect via Bluetooth without user action
  • Stability improvements to Bose multi-point which allows you to maintain Bluetooth connections with two devices simultaneously
  • Performance and stability improvements to Bose Music Share which allows you to connect and share music playback between two Bose headphones
  • Fixes an issue that could require a power-cycle after using the auxiliary-input cable
  • Fixes an issue that could cause certain Voice Prompts to play multiple times
  • Improvements to the way the headsets, where supported, volume syncs with a mobile device’s volume
  • Other bug fixes to increase stability and improve performance 


Amazon Alexa App Compatibility


As of August 7th, 2018 Amazon has completed a release for existing and new Alexa app users making it compatible with the QC35 II headphones. 

Compatible Alexa App versions #’s


iOS – version 2.2.222061.0

Android – version 2.2.216250.


The Bose Connect App Compatibility


The Connect app will also be getting an update enabling the capability of assigning the Action button to Alexa. 


Compatible Bose Connect App Version #’s


  • iOS: 6.2.2
  • Android: 6.2.2