QC700 how to use a new purchase without updating the firmware? (e.g stick to 1.3)

Bose product name: QC700


Country: UK


Firmware Version: 1.3.x


App Version: 4.2.4


As I need to replace a defective pair of QC700's, and having not understood that installing the app and running everything will automatically upgrade the firmware of the headphone - I am keen to try a new pair with what will probably be the 1.3.x firmware I briefly noticed when I got my last pair. As I too have found the 1.8.2 has stuttering issues - I am keen to try 1.3.x which I think a new pair will have installed when they arrive.


Are there any steps to use to let me try the headphones in this configuration? I think I read something buried in one of the threads here, but I am not sure where it was described.  As I already have the app installed on my phone and am registered etc - I am wondering if I can use the headphones without upgrading things by potentially disabling something (although this might not be possible, as you need to run the app to swap your 2 connected devices, and I have a list of 4 things I want to use).


Anyway - are there any user tips for working around the mess that Bose seems to be in at the moment? Ideally I would like to establish if these headphones can work properly for the usecase they are advertised for (I will say that call quality hasn't been an issue for me - and so I am happy on that front - which was a primary usage for me)