Quiet Comfort 35 II Sweat Resistance

I know the headphones are not sweat resistant and using then to work out would probably screw them up within a week. But how much sweat can they take? Say it is a relatively hot day, 85F or so and you have worn the headphones for about an hour so your ears start to sweat. I am a normal person in regards to sweat, if anything I sweat a little less than normal. I am wondering if exposure to this level of ear sweat is likely to cause damage. Again, would never use to exercise, I am talking about ear sweat under normal use(walking outside) on a hot day.

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In this particular scenario, the headsets should be fine.  We understand that people are going to take our products and bring them into the real world and put them to the test.  Minimal sweat should be fine as the electronics in the headset should not be damaged like excessive sweat from a hard work out.  What will most likely happen is the ear cushions will start deteriorating from normal use like this, however we do have replacement ear cushions to swap out parts.


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I used my QC 35 ii in the gym for a light workout until I saw slight moisture on the cushions and took them off immediately and wiped them down. I’ve used them a couple times with slightly damp hair as well. They smell slightly, which is unfortunate because I have used them properly except for those 3 instances and only have had them for a month. Is there anyway I can clean it to make sure nothing is damaged (filters/ ear cushions/ head cushion) or smells permanently? Would those three instances be enough to damage them irreparably? Thank you.

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I would recommend using a damp cloth to wipe down the headset and avoid any cleaners as this could potentially damage the cushions and headband.  Regarding the smell, this is a tough one as it may have seeped into the headband.  In this case, it may be a good idea to let they air dry or place a fan on them.


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