Quiet control 30 one ear bud i can hear the other ear bud when audio is put to the outside of it

so the left ear bud. I can hear noise when i example blow into the right ear bud back side. But i cannot hear the same thing when i switch the buds around. is this normal? I think that it should be the same for both of the buds correct? I am not sure that is why i am writting this. Maybe this is in the design for some reason, and it works perfect or these ear buds of mine are broken. 

Hi davian,


Thank you for reaching out to the community. It was difficult to replicate what you were experiencing, but if you feel concerned about your headset, we would recommend that you contact your local Bose Support directly so they can take a closer look. You may click here for contact information. Just select your region, and kindly scroll down to where you see "contact us". 


Let us know how everything works out for you. 


Thank you again,



Mohsin - Community Support

 the right earbud has the microphone for calls, so I'm not surprised you get this behaviour only by blowing on the right side.  


When you did this test, were you connected to a PC?  I've noticed the after some Windows 10 update (not sure which one), everytime I pair my QC30's to my PC, the mic is ON by default for some reason, and I can replicate this behaviour very easily.  If I go into the Sounds control panel applet and disable the mic--as it should be unless I'm actively on a call--the behaviour stops.  Only paired to my phone I can't replicate it unless I'm in a call.


Unfortunately, other than Windows turning on the Mic when it shouldn't be (which is annoying but easy to work around), this behaviour is "normal" for the QC30's with their horrific microphone. This is what makes them useless for phonecalls unless you're standing perfectly still within an anechoic chamber.