Received Two Bose L1 Pro 16 Speakers

I was excited to open the boxes of my two new Pro 16's.  I have purchased many Bose products over the years.  To my disappointment, there is a notice in the box advising not to use until I did a firmware update.  To do this I needed a USB C cable which was not included with the purchase.  So, after a few hours I was able to find the proper cable.  Then I had to install the Bose updater program.  Finally I was able to complete the updates!  I was disappointed that at the cost of these speakers that a usb cable was not included when I was required to do an update right off the bat.  Also there is a bag or the arrays but you have to pay additional to get a cover for the main unit.  Come on, add a few dollars to the cost and include them!  No manual, have to go on line and download a manual.  There appears to be no registration process.  Also on the dealers web page it states that Bose Pro Series has a five year warranty but on the Bose Web Page it states a two year warranty.  Bose, the speakers are great but you really need to take a look at these issues! Disappointed!

Just purchased a new Bose L1 Pro 16.   It will not connect for the update.   I have one I bought 20 days ago.   No problem connecting and updating.   I called Bose customer service and the recommended returning it and getting a new one.   Did that this morning.  Got it home and sure enough, I get the message "hmmm   something's wrong.  Please try again."   

Steps I have taken:   Tried both windows PC, macbook pro, proper browsers, firewall both off and on, reinstalled updated, multiple usbc cables, and BOOM!.......   NOTHING.   

My other Bose L1 Pro 16 connects every time without issues.   

This is the second one that will not connect and I am half tempted to return both and go with something more reliable.   

Someone talk me off the ledge. 

Unofficial response here from Bose employee. Very sorry for the trouble you've been having trying to update the FW. This looks like a possible issue with the FW updater. We'll get back to Monday via your Service inquiry with an update.

Hello rogerenders,

Please see this thread for a response to your query.