Removable microphone gaming headset


I just wanted to know if the QC35 II Gaming Headset's removable microphone will be available in purchase as a separate accessory. I already own a basic QC35 II and I would like to "upgrade" it with this mic but I saw that this is not possible for the moment...

It seems really easy to commercialize it as an accessory because the headset itself doesn't change, that's why I am asking you this question.


Thanks for your answer!


Hey Lyzozyme, 


In answer to your question, no, not at this time. But thank you for your interest in the QC35 II Gaming Headset. Bose developed this product to fit the needs specific to gamers and wanted to bring it to market as soon as possible. We hear you loud and clear on wanting to purchase the gaming module as an accessory. We are not able to offer the gaming module as an accessory now, but we are exploring options for this in the future to ensure smooth operation and will make announcements if it becomes a viable option.

I had same question and thank you for reply.  As a family of 4, all with their own QC35 IIs, and two kids, with all due respect, I think you would sell a lot of gaming kits to existing headphone owners.  I suspect some adult owners might hand down their headset to a child with gaming kit and purchase new headset.  However, I think you would be hard pressed to convince an existing owner to buy an entirely new headset just to get mic which could EASILY be sold as kit, given how it attaches.  Further, based on other posts, I think non-gaming users might like added clarity of mic for phone communication, especially in the remote work environment.  Put me down for pre-order of three kits...  Thanks!

Pretty disappointed that this was not thought of before the headset was released. Youtubers have already shown that the mic works with existing qc35 headphones so there really is no explanation as to why the microphone is not available for purchase separately by existing customers. Personally, I own a wide array of Bose products and have been a happy customer for years, yet, I fail to not feel like I am being taken advantage of if Bose wants me to buy a brand new headset simply to get a microphone... when my existing set is working like a charm! This is not a good image, especially given the environmentally friendly shift companies are migrating towards. I hope this is rectified shortly.

Count me in if this accessory is sold as a stand alone. I love my QC35, and being able to chat over XBOX, with the Bose sound quality, it would be amazing. Please bring it to market. 

I am would be interested in getting the gaming boom mic for my QC35 ii as well. 

Same. Would love to have the mic for work since a lot of us are working from home and the QC35s noise cancellation is so good. The mic as an accessory would be perfect. Please expedite this request, you're leaving money on the table by not selling it separately.