Repair Bose Headphone AE2 in Around & On-Ear Headphones

Model: AE2 Bose Headphones 

Location: Toronto, Canada

Issue: I’ve had these headphones for about 5-6 years. They’re still working, however the cushion on the L ear (detailed pictures below). I was wondering if Bose has a service where they could repair this (this product is discontinued) or if anyone knows or an electronic leather upholstery. Open to any suggestions! 

thanks in advance 



The cushions are replaceable.  You should be able to get replacements from the Bose support line (contact us at the bottom of the screen).  If you give them a firm tug they will just come off.  You'll see a rim around the bottom of the cushion and that just hooks under around 6 points on the headphones.

Thanks Morlock! 

unfortunately since my product is discontinued I don’t think I’m eligible for cushion replacements.


Do u have any other recommendations? 

That's a whole different thing.  What you are looking at there is a repair alternative which is not what you need.


All you need is to purchase replacement cushions (similar to replacing tires on a car, you don't need to replace the whole car).  So as I said, you need to call the number on the "contact us".  Order and pay for the cushions over the phone and they will post them out.

  Morlock is totally correct.  This is an item that wears out by the seam opening up showing the foam inside.  You DO NOT have to get it from Bose.  Go to eBay or Amazon and do a search on "replacement earpads ae2".   I usually go about 1 to 2 years before I do a replacement.  It is very easy to do yourself.  Pull the old ones out, put in the new internal cover thingies, then push in the earpads until they hold all the way around.  Takes 5 to 10 minutes.

I just replaced the ones on my QC35ii on Nov 12.  I went to Amazon and picked one with a high user rating.  There are dozens if not more of them, but if you want to know what I purchased:

The only difference among them is probably the 'feel' on your ears but that is hard to tell virtually.

 Morlock - I don't normally respond to ones you do but I happened to be on just now and thought it would be fun to 'tag team'.  Merry Christmas to all! 🙂


thank you both for this! I just purchased replacement ear pads from Amazon. This definitely saved me from purchasing a new pair of headphones! Thank you again!! 

update: received the replacement ear pads and immediately placed them on.
thanks again for the recommendation! 


Hi – I'm keen to know how you're getting on with the cheaper Amazon alternatives to the Bose Ear Cushions? I've heard they are common to have much more noise leaks than the original Bose ones? Have you found this the case? Are they as comfortable 1 year on since purchase? Thanks