Reply to Public Knowledge Base Post

Hi Guys,

I replied to the Knowledge Base post regarding faulty audio paths with the AMM.

Where does this go?

I could not find my reply on either the Public or Extras forum.

I’m mostly concerned that it acutally went to one of you and it didn’t enter a black hole.

If these will not be visible, we may want to have a pop-up stating the post has been recieved, and someone will respond to them directly.

Could be routed to the ControlSpace support email for direct attention?

John Rogers

Hi John.

working on it. Your post did not vanish…



Hi John,

You tried to post into the “Knowledge Base” section. This section needs moderation since it contains only validated issues, at least that’s what I suspect.

I will try to move your post into the “Bug reporting” section.



Hi John…

Sorry I wasn’t here to reply to you myself… Thomas is correct… As discussed in the teleconference we wanted to keep the reference sections of the forum clean and in a common format so it’s easier for people to find the information they need. Stephen was looking ito ways of re-routing the replies - but no solution has yet been found.

If you have additional information about an existing knowledge base article eg. another symptom or workaround then please do reply to article and then it will come to me for moderation - I can then update the existing knowledge base article to include your valuable information…

If you have another issue that you think may be related or something likely to involve a discussion then it’s probably easier to post it in one of the discussion areas (you can easily link it to the article using the URL if you want to) and then we can create a thread that others can follow…

Hope this makes sense… any questions please come back to me…

Best regards