RESET FACTORY - ESP 880 in Professional Installed

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is possible make a factory reset to ESP? without ControlSpace software, through hardware?



Thanks Arno, i wll try with HyperTerminal.




i want to reset to default IP.



Thanks Arno!!!

Hi Arno,

In addition to the question, if I want to reset the ESP to factory settings( total clean slate), what is the command.


Problem is,  one of our SI has forgotten the 'File password" and now wants to change the program??






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i'm facing the same issue, our dealers change the IP for the processor and they forget it, and we want to make some changes on the program, how to now the IP of the processor without resetting it


you can connect your PC to the serial port of the ESP, with all necessary settings for the com port, and send the serial command 'IP'. The ESP will respond with his IP address.

To send the command you'll need a terminal software like Clear Terminal.




perfect, i'll try it 

thank you for your quick response 



i'm facing a similiar problem, a client has a esp880 controlled through a csremote app on an ipad, using an access point exclusively to connect both (ipad/esp880), now he wants to integrate esp880 to his network infraestructure but to achieve that goal, we are in the  need of changing esp880 ip address in order to be reached by the ipad connected to wireless network, so when i tried to do it, i found the there's a file password set on the esp880, guy who put it is no longer avaiable, neither .csp/cpz backup files, so in order to solve this i wonder if:

- there's a way to get cpz file from ipad, in order to modify ip address on CSRBuilder

- there's a way to change ip address pointed in the CSRemote app on ipad?

- reset esp880 to factory state to program all over again from the scratch.

or please let me know what alternatives do i have?


thanks in advance.


Hi Arno, i'm  facing same problem, a client has an esp880 controlled by a CSR app on an ipad, both devices connected through an access point with network segment 192.168.1.x, now he wants to integrate them to his network infraestructure (different network segment with dhcp enabled). Since there's no csp/czp backup files available i tried to connect to esp880 to change ip address settings and get csp file to rebuild csr app but i found that file password is set and no ones knows it. i'd like to restore esp880 to factory settings and set it up from the scratch. can this be done? is there another way to solve this?

thanks in advance.



I have ESP-88, was on FW 4.62. By mistake i opened in CS 3.2 and uploaded

FW 3.2. When realised, it was 18%, so i let it upgrade to 3.2. Now the status is RED and It won't ping on default

Possible to do a factory reset ?


Hi ,

I have a ESP-88 and it was on FW 4.62. By mistake i opend it with CS 3.2 and upgraded to 3.2 FW. By the time i realised that I have clicked wrongly, it was already upgrading - downgrading to FW 3.2.

Now after reboot, the status light is RED and it won't ping default ip

Can  I do a factory reset ?

I've tried a reset for a return to de factory default IP-adres. But the command IP<CR> doesn't work for me.

Maybe the settings of the com- port aren't ok?

Can anyone help me?

Hello Camilo,

In the serial protocol there is a command to reset the factory the network setting
Chapter 5.6 - NP F<CR>

But there is no option to factory reset (settings / design) the ESP through the hardware

Serial protocol

So resetting the network settings was what you were looking for?

If you look at the serial protocol, you can see you can also directly change it to the network settings you want.

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I will contact you via a personal message.


Hello Abboud,

If a CC-64 is connected to the system (and it is functioning), you can press back 1 and 4 at the same time to display the CC-64 address.
That way to also have the network address 192.168.0.xx
Then go to the Hardware Manager in ControlSpace Designer, set the 'current project address' to the same network address. Make sure the network interface card is also in the same range and click on 'discover devices'. This should populate all ControlSpace/PowerMatch products with the same network address.

Otherwise you can use a terminal program to retrieve the IP address using the serial command 'IP<CR>'.
Connection between PC and ESP must be a NULL modem cable (crossed cable)
Default baud rate for the ESP Fixed I/O (1U) is 115200 (for the ESP88/ESP00 it is 38400)

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Hi Sergio,

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