Reset IP address using rs232

Hello ,

i am trying to reset IP address using rs232 end i have connected to esp 880 and other end in laptop and i am using putty software .

when i have enter the command in putty black page there is no any response came like if you text IP it has to show the IP address of devise.


Please help me i need to set IP adress of the esp using RS232 its not showing in hardware manager.

also the physical connection.



Thank you Mr.Arno,

Now i can able to change ip address using rs232. The problem was with cross cable i was not using cross cable.

I have another ESP 880 which ip address i need to know using rs232 .

The problem with this esp is,it showing red LED for power by mistake its update on csd 5.0 .

i am not able to get ip address of device using rs232 also.

also using csd 4.4.2  to come online the device but its not coming.

How i can get the ip address of the device and how to solve this red led problem please advice.

Thank you problem solve.

Hello Masroor,

Are you using a USB-serial adapter? Make sure you have selected the correct Com-port and settings.
And a a NULL-modem (crossed) cable is required.

For local echo: go to Terminal > local echo > Force on.

If you are connected by RS232 and you turn on the ESP-880, once the ESP-880 it fully booted, it should send "REDADY".

Make sure you commands are in capital and terminated with a <CR>.

More information can be found in the serial protocol and on our knowledgebase.

Best regards,


Hi Masroor,

Thank you for the update and sorry for the inconveniences.


Hi Masroor,

please check this link.