Revolve wont charge

I've searched, but didn't find this specific issue. Revolve won't charge while the orange light flashes indicating it is charging. I've updated software. Tried different outlets, and cables. Used charging plate, and direct connect. Still won't charge. Also did a reset, and factory reset.. no change.. TIA.


Hi Chris, 


Thanks for reaching out, I am sorry to hear that your Revolve doesn't appear to be charging properly. 


I appreciate you taking the time on already trying some great troubleshooting. 


Does your speaker still function?


Also does the LED ever turn green? It should take 4 hours in order to get a full charge of your speaker.


Do let us know. 

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.

  I was able to solve the issue. I did a factory reset a second time,  and it started charging properly. 

  I did notice weeks before the problem started,  I had trouble with the charging plate not making connection at times. That doesn't seem to be a problem anymore.

              Thank.  Chris C.

   P.S.    Love the speaker..👍

My awesome sounding bose had been fine, never mistreated, wet or was plugged in and fine, then i turned it off it said 80%  plugged in?  Shoulvw been 100% i unplugged then replugged  not recognizing original charger only one ibe ever used  Tried other charger  cord  etc   tried holding multi function button 10 seconds  reset, it beeped when plugged in but no charge recognize, tried  factory reset then it wouldnt turn on, tried reset again, when plugged in yellow light blinking now...  it never is at about 30% last it said a few mins before 1st reset?   Ugh!   

I wish Bose would pin a single post about the Revolve charging issue.  I have already responded myself (and I do not work for Bose) a few times in the last week alone.  With all due respect, check out my response in the other posts/threads.  Bottom line, there may be a way out - it may not be your battery, it could have to do with how you charged it.  I had this problem 6 times and fixed it all 6.


I reset it again and it began to charge   🙂  right up to 100%   i hope it is happy now 🙂  LOVE my bose and the sound 😉