Risk free trial - going to return here's why

Sleep Buds II eagerly anticipated, reality very disappointed. I have had my Sleep Buds for three weeks.


My first disappointment was the lack of a good low frequency irregular sound. A sound that masks low frequency snoring and the neighbours stereo through the wall thumping base. A little hard to describe but by irregular I mean the opposite of white noise - something like the drone combined with the other noise from an oscillating pedestal stand room fan. In the Bose library the closest I can find is Seaboard. White noise to me is just an uncomfortable sound pressure.


Next - on two occasions (out of my total of maybe 8-10 uses) needed to use the buds only to find the app "Unable to find right bub". Get up, out of bed, fiddle around. Before bed buds were showing full charge in the base (not pulsating) and base was showing it had charge remaining as well. On the first occasion could not make the right bud connect. On the second occasion putting the buds back in the base and leaving them there for maybe 10 minutes (I'm now wide awake btw..) the app was able to find the right bud. The idea here is that the buds will work reliably when I need them to - I can't count on that.


Lastly - the other night was using the buds. Awakened and the sounds were unbalanced, out of sync by so much that Seaboard was "panning left to right" (Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon) - enough to make one dizzy. Got up, used the app to select another sound, then reselect Seaboard, again now wide awake, got left and right back balanced/synced.


Again, very disappointed.



Hey Dan,


Thank you for taking the time to post your experiences with the new Bose Sleepbuds II. I'm sorry to hear these weren't quite for you, but I'd be happy to advise some troubleshooting to attempt before you think of returning them. Also, thank you for your feedback in regards to the available sounds and what they offered to you.


To fix your disconnection issues, first, check that your product firmware is up-to-date in the Bose Sleep app (v11.9.0) and also perform a product reset to clear any underlying issues. Let me know if this helps at all!


I am also having similar issues to Dan. My question to you is how come when I follow your link to check that the firmware is up-to-date I get the following error when my Sleepbuds II are connected. Can you therefore please confirm the process for updating the Sleepbuds II firmware.


Hey Raw127,


If this method is not working for you, the main way to update your Sleepbuds II firmware is through the Bose Sleep app. You may already have this downloaded, and to check your product firmware version, go to the Settings and look under Technical Info. At this time, the most up-to-date product firmware version is 11.9.0. Be sure to check your Bose Sleep app is up-to-date also, the latest version is 3.0.2.


Have you had the chance to try the reset on your product to see if this clears your issue?

Hi Sam_F,


I checked the firmware via the app and it is I assume from your latest comment that the Sleepbuds II firmware is updated via the app, not the Bose Updater software as originally stated.

As suggested, I will perform a charging case reset and monitor the situation after that.



I am experiencing the same issue. As with most other technical issues with these buds, I can fix it with a hard reset. Unfortunately, even a hardware reset can be difficult to do on this product and I have to do it almost every night. Given the poor experience with version 1 of this product, I will likely be returning them within the 30 day trial period also.