RS232 Serial Subscribe locking up ESP-1204A

Found a bug in the ESP-1204A 

When trying to Subscribe to a gain Mute status via RS232 the ESP-1204A will watchdog and reboot. This happens 9/10 times. I have now got the issues that the ESP will not boot. 

The main controller is the Control Space App but I also have a simple RS232 panel with Mute controls on the input and would like to keep the panel in sync with the control App. 


Hope someone can tell be how to get the ESP working again! 

Just an update after playing with the bricked unit. Its looking like the unit has lost its Firmware as when it appears in the Hardware manager the Firmware version is V0.000. 

Hi Leeeng,


I'm sorry for the trouble. This is likely a known issue. I believe your processor is in 'factory test mode'. (also referred to as 'debug mode') There is a simple fix for this. 


The way to confirm this is to send a simple serial string of "IP<CR>" (use the carriage return of your serial program).

If the system responds with "CMD SUCCESS" then it's in factory test mode. This mode disables RS232 control and can cause the system to reboot on certain commands. SoIP and other external control would continue working when this happens.


I've attached the official procedure for taking this out of factory test mode, which includes instructions (PDF) as well as firmware files that will allow the processor to exit this mode.


I hope this helps.


Best regards,



This firmware being on '0.00' is often just a result of a recent network change. Often, you would just need to close and start ControlSpace Designer back up. However, if this continues, we have a backdoor firmware updater in our bin folder you can try. Listed as "CSUpdate.exe" 

Location: "C:\\Program Files(x86)\Bose\ControlSpace x.x\Bin"