S1 Pro Amber Light

If you see a solid amber light on your S1 Pro system, channel 1, please see this article

S1 Pro Amber Light on Channel 1

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@ST what causes this to happen in the first place?

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As you know there's a comedic meme: "Turn it off and on again" when it comes to electronic devices.

The unsatisfying explanation is, a processor has ended up in an unknown state. You need to reset the device.  For Bose Portable PA devices, you remove all sources of power (including any cables that might supply power and batteries), let the device sit for at least 30 seconds, then reconnect and turn on the power.

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Haha, LOL. I worked with laptop computers so I totally get it. Thanks for the reply. 

I took out the battery for a reset and the yellow light still came back on. Can you help? 

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Please could you confirm:
- whether you waited more than 30 seconds before reinstalling the battery?
- that all cords and cable connections were disconnected from the system?

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Trying to revive an old thread here. One of my 2 S1 units are having this trouble. I have left all cables and battery unplugged for hours and when reconnecting only works for about 1-2 hours and sometimes not at all. What are my options?


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I'm sorry to hear this is happening with your S1 Pro. I recommend trying all the steps outlined here.

If the issue persists after trying this, please contact the customer support team to discuss service options for your system.

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