S1 Pro suddenly has a loud hum



I have a brand new Bose S1 Pro, only 2 weeks old.  I've been using it at home only and it was working great.  Today I turned it on and was blasted by a loud hum coming from one of the channels.  I disconnected the guitar that was going through that channel but it persisted.  It is unplugged and running on the battery.  What could have happened overnight??



Hi Redtornado,

Welcome to the forum! Sorry to see you're having this problem.

Do you have any other cables connected to or from the S1 Pro?

Does the humming sound change if the system is connected to power?

I recommend performing a product reset if this has not yet been attempted.

Hope this helps!



The only other cable connected was the mic cable, but that channel was not humming. 


I did not try connecting it to power as later that day, the hum went away.  But I am concerned about taking it to a live gig and the hum possibly returning.   I will try the product reset.


Is it possible I have a damaged speaker?  It seems very strange to have this issue only two weeks after purchase.  Please let me know because I am still within the return window and perhaps I should purchase another one. 





Hi Redtornado!

Humming noises are often caused by electrical interference - if the issue is no longer present after retesting, it's less likely that this would be an issue with the S1 Pro itself.

To be sure, though, I recommend testing the system a few more times while you're still within the returns period. You can also call the Bose Pro product support team directly if you would like to discuss in more detail.